Great Blogs For Children’s Books is a great blog website for readers looking to get reviews on children’s book. Ms. Turek who is the blog curator is also a librarian who loves to read children’s book and is an avid reader herself. Her website is easy to navigate and beautifully organized. She has a section which is called “Best of  List” for books that have won awards or are deemed “Best Picture Books of the Year”. She also offers to compile a book list for your child (for a small fee) based on your child’s book history and the books you would like your child to read and the child’s interests. She discusses various topics such as choosing the right books for your child, discussing gender equality and how to read a book that has no words. Her reviews are also very detailed and show pictures of title as well as pages and quotes from the story.

I have found to be a website encouraging for fathers who read to their children. Of course anyone can read this blog but most blogs I have looked at are written by women. This dad offers reviews on several genres (picture books, book sets and audio books). He also offers advice to his readers such as why parents should invest in at home libraries or how to read aloud. He also has a side bar full of his top posts for the week and month as well as a featured post. All of which contain reviews. In his reviews, he talks about his children’s reactions to the story, how he felt about the stories, supplies a summary and where you could buy the book

My classmates chose:

Amanda B.  chose the “School Library Media Journal”. Which is one of my favorite resources for reviews. They include reviews on the most upcoming and classic books as well as have reviews on movies and a lot of their reviews are written by the children who have read the books.

Lindsay discussed “What to Read to Your Kids” which has an abundance of categories for the reader  to choose from. This blog caters to children who are reading on many different levels and  have different interests.

Teresa wrote about “Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast”. The well roundedness of the blog writer can be useful in itself when choosing a blog for reviews. She reminds me of the woman who writes in the blog I chose Books4yourkids. She is also very knowledgeable and is a librarian and mother.



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