Picture Books Part Deux

Complete List of Books I Observed:

Wilson, K., & Chapman, J. (2002). Bear Snores On. New York: Margaret K. McElderry Books.

Oelschlager, V., & Blanc, M. (2011). A Tale of Two Mommies. Akron, OH: Vanita Books.

Stoll Walsh, E. (2006). Mouse Paint:Pintura De Raton. New York: HMH Publishing Company.

Kilodavis, C., & DeSimone, S. (2011). My Princess Boy: a mom’s story about a young boy who loves to dress up. New York: Aladdin.

Tullet, H. (2011) Press Here. San Francisco, CA:Chronicle Books.

Willems, M. (2011). Knuffle Bunny: a cautionary tale. New York: Hyperion.

Shannon, D. (2006). No, David! London: Scholastic.

Falconer, I. (2004). Olivia. New York: Atheneum Children’s Books.

Pinkney, J. (2011). The Lion and The Mouse. London: Walker.

Telgemeier, R., & Yue, S. (2015). Smile. New York: Graphix.


Image Courtesy of Google


The two books I chose to write about are Press Here and Mouse Paint (The English and Spanish translation). Press Here is a whimsical story about dots in which the child’s interaction with the story is causing the dots to move. The pages are colorful and have a lot of white or black space (depending on the pages). The illustrations also interact with the reader. So if the book says shake the book, all of the dots that were in a line on one page would be disorganized on the next page. Children can learn about so many different topics like direction (left, right, up, down). Children can learn about primary colors, color mixing and numbers (for really young children). Children are able to learn about patterns and book orientation. I think children also gain understanding that the words in the story (or the letters they see) have meaning. This book is great because children can get a really good laugh out of it but can acquire knowledge too. I recommend this book for ages 2 to 5 years old.

Image Courtesy of Google

Mouse Paint is a story about three mice who discover mixing paint. Horning says “…specific forms of fiction have been created to meet the unique needs and interests of children at various ages.” (pg.33) Like Press Here, Mouse Paint also explores what happens when colors mix but in more detail. Children who read this book are able to enjoy this story and learn colors as well as color mixing. This book also comes with a spanish translation at the bottom which is great for bilingual families or for students who are learning how to speak spanish whether it’s at school or at home. The book is available in paperback and board book for very young children. I recommend this book for children 2 to 3 years old.

An activity I would do for Press Here is to make our own book using circle colored stickers. For Mouse Paint, I would probably have children paint mouse footprints using two primary colors of their choosing to mix together like the mice did.

Horning, Kathleen T. (2010). From Cover to Cover: Evaluating and reviewing children’s books (Revised Ed.). New York, NY: Harper Collins.

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